MetaVision supports the Life is Priceless Foundation (LIPF)

At MetaVision, we pride ourselves on supporting causes that make a difference & supporting our employees that make a difference and go above and beyond.  In addition to the American Cancer Society work that we proudly support, we also support the Life is Priceless Foundation (LIPF).  The LIPF is a not for profit foundation that supports those (sufferers and caretakers) who are struggling or have struggles with major depression and suicide.  A handful of employees from the NY office attended the LIPF Gala Event in NYC @ Stage 37.  Pictured below are Ray Romero, Chief Digital Officer, Krishna Patel, Supervisor, Planning (front), Lisa Tarantino, Supervisor, Planning (center), Molly Moran, Manager, Digital (back) and Emily Giardina, Supervisor, Digital (far right).