Director, Digital (West Coast)

The Director, Digital will build, lead and inspire the team to deliver best in class work whether in translating business challenges into innovative strategic solutions, executional excellence, pristine financial stewardship and growing (and attracting talent) who have their own personal development plan and career growth goals. The Director, Digital will also focus on client needs and will foster strong client relationships, have the ability to filter, translate and steward client requests into actionable deliverables through effective team communication and involvement within a fast paced environment.  The Director, Digital will also have the ability to effectively navigate internal, client, and partner agency structures in order to deliver against consistent solutions.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop and foster a “one team” relationship with peers and deliver a cohesive agency point of view
  • Be very familiar and current with standard concepts, practices, technologies, digital innovations, ad models and processes within the digital advertising and media field
  • Key day-to-day client contact and agency contact regarding their area of responsibility
  • Follow up and manage in real time on client team requests, key awareness of client deadlines
  • Champion internal client planning process and internal protocols
  • Work closely with client teams in building digital strategy and properly implementing and stewarding campaigns at all steps in the process along with managing campaign financials and plan operations
  • Work with the client teams in interpretation of competitive and other research data
  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge of client business, past and present in order to build stronger go to market plans
  • Obtain and consolidate media budgets across multiple clients within investment templates
  • Enforce key investment tenets around KPI's / substitutability
  • Negotiate digital media, including online, VOD, mobile and social platforms, based on key criteria
  • Establish investment best practices (intelligence/arbitrage) and set market
  • Review and ensure negotiated rates are being adhered to
  • Demonstrate better pricing, efficiencies and impact by consolidating buys across sites
  • Articulate POVs as wells as develop an evaluation strategy and POVs for digital media, including online, VOD, mobile and social platforms, cross platform, technology vendor and data providers   
  • Foster camaraderie within the investment team and with all key stakeholders they support
  • Educate media teams on the media planning/investment process

People Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the recruitment and selection of staff and ensure that all direct reports master the skills and organizational savvy required for advancement
  • Must have the ability and desire to help lead, train and evaluate direct reports and support in training of indirect reports as it relates to digital strategy development
  • Establish, maintain and lead strong working relationships with client, vendors, technology, analytics, internal teams and partner agencies as well as the media
  • Act as a point person for Broadcast, Print, Radio and OOH teams for any cross-over digital investment needs
  • Inspire while leading by example in developing, motivating, mentoring, and coaching team members
  • Ability to multi-task, collaborate and work successfully in a team environment that promotes collaboration, and work under pressure
  • Ability to get along and work with a range of individuals
  • Adept at communicating effectively across all levels
  • Meet with vendors on an ongoing basis and provide updates and/or recommendations all while building and maintaining strong relationships

Skills and Behaviors:

  • Understands what a ‘digital first’ approach means and how to implement/activate
  • Not afraid of ‘pressure’ and can integrate with teams, handling multiple projects and meetings under tight deadlines
  • Detail oriented with exceptional critical thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Strong quantitative and analytical/results-oriented with an ability to translate data to insights to strategy with a leaning/measurement plan
  • Strong negotiation skills and tactics with the ability to maintain good working relationships with all areas and is the key negotiator representing the client’s interests in sensitive situations.
  • Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills. Can deliver a narrative in a concise and consultative manner.
  • Can channel client feedback into inspiration for growth and improvement
  • Understands the media landscape and fast moving trends with an ability to apply knowledge about current and future practices trends, technology, and information to the business
  • Makes decisions in a timely manner; is able to establish what is critical and eliminate roadblocks; clearly communicates what needs to be done, maintains dialogue, monitors process and results; follows through on priorities and promises
  • Delegates both routine and important tasks and trust people to perform them; provides clear goals and objectives; manages own workload and the work of others to ensure consistent delivery
  • Knows how to get things done using personal and professional network; applies knowledge of the culture and values of the agency
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the need for diplomacy; sees where problems are likely to occur and plans accordingly
  • Excellent time-management and follow through skills
  • Holds frequent development discussions and is able to give honest, regular feedback; cooperates with the appraisal and review system used in the organization
  • Demonstrates and encourages straight-talking; is adaptable to situations and can make unpopular decisions if required
  • Acts in line with Company values; is widely trusted and is seen as a direct and truthful individual; keeps confidence; admits mistakes; demonstrates agency values through own behavior
  • Practice attentive listening (before acting); welcomes feedback about own strengths and limitations; has the patience to hear people out
  • Strong skills in research and business tools such as but not limited to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MOAT and comScore

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