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What are Takeaway Tuesdays?

Takeaway Tuesdays are monthly in-house "Media 101" learning sessions aimed at employees at the assistant/manager/supervisor levels — or anybody else who wishes to attend. Our goal at MetaVision is to create an environment where employees are continuously growing their knowledge about the various media channels and tactics our business uses. 


Dr. Oz Visits MVM to talk about Health & Wellness

Dr. Mehmet Oz stopped by the MetaVision Media office to talk about health and wellness with our employees. Dr. Oz is a heart surgeon, author and professor, but you probably know him better as host of the Dr. Oz Show, a daily television program focusing on medical issues and personal health. 

Dr. Oz spoke about some of the ways in which he himself tries to live a healthy lifestyle. He shared with the team ideas on how to change ways of thinking and how to make some small changes that could have a big impact on their well-being.


Programmatic Targeting...for Dummies

Following on from my article on Hyper Local Geo Targeting I felt that it would be equally interesting to use scientific principle to forensically dissect another group of Ad-Tech companies that are often clumped together.

Not knowing where to start I figured that I might as well start at the beginning of Ad-Tech: Demand Side Platforms (DSP).